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Completely soft and cock-hungry

I admit I find it hard to resist a bottom twink who doesn't have any hair on his body. This guy had a slim, completely smooth body with a well-opened hole. A real fuck machine! Addicted to big cock, he sucked me off, showing how much he needed me to stick it up his ass and use him to empty my balls. His ass was a total delight, just tight enough, comfortable, thirsty for cum.

Bleached from head to cock
Bleached from head to cock

Meet Max : to match his bleached hair, he's also bleached his pubic hair, and it looks great. This military dude trains and jerks off. That's what he likes best: doing push-ups, getting his body to work hard and then, when he's all sweaty, getting his big cock hard and masturbating. Manly, hot, provocative: a male who smells like sex!

Hello sir, I'm going to fuck you

Avatar is a black cop with questionable practices. He uses his status to barge into gay men's homes, inviting himself in and offering to fuck them. He arrives at the apartment of inked Seth Knight. At first, Seth is shocked and displeased to see a cop in his apartment for no reason. But when Avatar presents him with his big cock, he quickly changes his mind. Seth finds it hard to resist the thrill of worshipping a hung dom cop. He finds himself sucking and getting fucked deep in his bed, moaning to the max.

The longest cocks are often the best

This guy said on his profile that he had an XXL cock and he wasn't lying. Just at rest the length of his cock was impressive and when he got hard I was thirsty. There's no doubt in my mind: long dicks are clearly the best. You see the thing: they're not too thick, but they're full of inches, so they fit right in your mouth. This guy was craving more of a soft, veiny cock. I didn't want to let go and keep it in my throat, I loved the sensation and the taste too much. He sensed that I loved it and released his cum straight into my mouth... but even with my mouth full of his cum I could not stop myself from continuing to suck.

Black bronzette

Even when you're black, tanning is important, and if you can add pleasure to pleasure, why deprive yourself?

Make some noise for my dick - 1st part
Make some noise for my dick - 1st part

Kalys loves when a guy shows him he needs his dick. Nothing gets him harder than a good, loud bottom. Marvin Johnson is going to make a lot of noise for his dick. Marvin's a good-looking guy, with a cute face, a beard that suits him, a fit body and an appetizing ass. But above all, he loves cock and he shows it: he spends his time moaning and begging with his eyes to take more and more of it in his holes. Super obedient, he lets Kalys use him as he pleases and expresses his pleasure to the full. The more he moans, the deeper Kalys sticks it up his ass. The neighbors won't be happy, it's going to last for a while.

Gay couple shows off in front of Austin Wolf
Gay couple shows off in front of Austin Wolf

Gay couple Kurtis Wolfe and Pheonix Fellington make out and show off in the back of a car as their driver, Austin Wolf, looks on. 100% dom top, Austin senses they're horny and wants to fuck them more and more. Before dropping them off at their destination, he decides to take them to his garage and take them in hand. Faced with the giant fucker, his super muscular and powerful body and his legendary big dick, Kurtis and Phoenix feel small, obedient and thirsty. They quickly put themselves at Austin's service, revealing their most complying side. The boss takes pleasure punding them one after the other with all the strength he's known for. A steamy gay threesome.

Gay Breeding with vicious cops

Jai Sean gets into trouble and is arrested by two policemen. But the cops won't take him to the station: ther plan to settle the matter in their basement, with their dicks. Jai, who's gay, doesn't quite understand what's going on at first, but once the two black cops pull their huge dicks out of their pants, he gets an idea of what's going to happen to him... and his ass starts to wet with envy. These vicious cops are going to fuck him very hard and breed his ass unscrupulously. As Jai Sean turns out to be a perfect cum dump, they'll release him and say nothing about his misdemeanors.

This tiny gay ass isn't afraid of big dick

This gay Asian twink looks a bit fragile when you see him first : he's slim, not very tall, with a small ass. But beware of appearances: his hole is super greedy ! Black Dom Top Champ thinks he's going to have to take it easy when he meets him in a hotel room. But as soon as he starts to penetrate him, he's amazed at how easily and greedily his hole sucks it all in. That butt is hungry, so Champ's going to give it to him good. Bottom's going to beg for a gay breeding. Champ's not the type to say no to a twink who needs some cum deep inside, so...

Deep Gay Throat Fuck

This guy was straightforward: his thing is to fuck a mouth. Not getting sucked, fucking a mouth, super deep and hard. He warned me he was ruthless. I wanted it. He was waiting for me standing up, his ultra thick, hard cock proudly waiting for me. Naturally, I got down on my knees and let him take control of my mouth. I've rarely been fucked like that. I didn't have time to catch my breath, I drooled like crazy. It was super hard... and I loved it.

Malik TN rides a muscled black pussy
Malik TN rides a muscled black pussy

Malik TN, the Arab playboy continues his journey in Germany. Today, in a squat, the sexy hunk takes out his rock-hard cock, spits on it and starts working both hands on the full length. Hard and wet, it's ready to fuck a hole. All he needs now is a will cock-sucker. A well built black sub arrives. Malik smiles at him. He looks at the stud and understand what's expected from him. On his knees he takes the massive dick in his mouth, trying his best to let go deep in his throat. The boss grabs him, turns him around and starts prepping his ass. His tongue and fingers work on the tight hole to open it up. When he shoves his dick in it, the black dude is in total ecstasy. He is totally owned by the stallion riding his ass. Moments later he explodes in a blast of cum, covering his abs and chest with the hot white liquid. Then he waits patiently for his stud to cum as well...submissive to the end! MALIK AND PIERRE REMY

Tonight we spice up our gay sex life

These two guys haven't been sleeping together for a while. They're both pretty top. One of them had an idea to spice up their intimacy... For one night, he brings in a professional fucker for a threesome. A handsome, black bottom guy with a muscular body. The two dudes take it in turns to fuck him and cum with him in every direction. They feel so horny.