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My cock is my most precious possession

Kaleb, a gay twinkt with money troubles, breaks into the hotel room of black stud Max Konnor to steal some of his belongings. Max catches him and teaches him a lesson. Kaleb soon realizes that Max may have expensive watches, but his most precious possession is between his legs. His cock is an absolute marvel and a delight in the mouth. Kaleb dreams of having it forever as he feels it take possession of his ass in orgasm.

Follow me discreetly to make me cum

I've been hanging out with these scally guys from my building for a few days now. They're macho but nice. The other day, one of them asked me to discreetly follow him so I could suck his dick. He'd seen my videos, picked up on the fact that I love cock and got turned on. We had to be quick because the other guy was waiting for us outside. No worries: I got down on my knees and in 5 minutes I had him squirting. I loved the taste of his cum.

My student doll

This time, the production team entrusted Mike, its favorite trainer, with a puppy pupil. Mike likes it a lot, it's cuddly and comfortable...

Last fuck before going to jail

Police officers Champ and Kannon get their hands on a delinquent and prepare to arrest him and put him in jail. But first they offer him one last fuck. The delinquent is gay, you can feel it, and before months of imprisonment and frustration, he's going to be able to cum one last time. Bottom, he's going to feast on the two dom agents who are going to set his ass on fire. It's not exactly legal, but the delinquent won't say a word after such a good cock-fucking. And he'll even get to watch the chief fuck his colleague. It'll give him something to jerk off to.

You wait for me lying naked, OK?
You wait for me lying naked, OK?

Kalys likes obedient bottoms. David Vincent is vers, but in this case he needs to obey. When Kalys tells him he's going to fuck him and he has to wait for him lying naked, he complies. And just being offered up on the bed like that, David can feel that his ass is seriously horny. The door is ajar, Kalys enters and helps himself directly, putting David's hungry mouth at the service of his enormous dick. David feels seriously in his grip, he's never wanted to be fucked so badly. He lets himself be completely dominated and becomes Kalys's toy, playing with his holes to his heart's content. The huge cock goes in and out of David's increasingly wet asshole and when it comes out the boss continues to stimulate him, fingering his hole while David worships his big balls and meat, hoping to get some milk. Attention, no sound in this video.

Do you like fucking mouths?

My moods change from day to day. Sometimes I want to suck quietly and sometimes I want someone to fuck my mouth hard. Yesterday it was the second option. I needed a dominant guy to fuck my mouth so I went looking for that. My sucking skills have earned me quite a reputation and I found a cock quickly. I don't think this guy was disappointed : I gorged myself! And he gave me the dose of dick I needed with great loads at the end.

I'm all yours, Officer

This police officer is impressive : tall, black, muscular. When he arrives at the home of a gay twink for a check-up, the twink trembles with desire. He'll do as he's told. Why did the agent come? We won't really know: he'll forget his mission, too horny by this obedient, small twink who quickly worships his enormous cock and does whatever he tells him. He's got a perfectly smooth, tight little ass that gradually opens up as he gets dominated and fucked. No doubt about it, this cop knows how to keep order.

I'm always up for a late-night fuck

Most people are in bed past midnight. It's only then that I often get the burning desire to get fucked. There are fewer guys late at night, but I still find them. And often it's the best sex. There's something hot about going out at 1 a.m. to suck a dick and take it up the ass. There's no inhibition, you just let yourself go. A good example is this guy who put it right up my ass and kept me going until dawn.

Want me to ride your hole ?
Want me to ride your hole ?

Max Konnor called a 'Rideshare' that's still a few minutes away. He's in his towel taking a dick pic to send to a buddy when he accidentally sends it to his driver, Riley Mitchel. Riley gets upset and pounds on his passenger's door but when Max shows up in his towel, Riley decides to get on his knees and suck on Max's monster cock. Riley is up to the challenge of taking the whole thing down his throat and es and gags as he whips out his own hard dick to jack. Max wants to see if Riley is able to take it in his ass and bends the driver over to eat his hairy hole. That's all it takes for Riley to admit that he needs Max inside of him and he bends over even further to let Max stuff his ass. Riley is filled completely with cock as Max pounds his driver relentlessly. Max wants to switch it up so Riley can get the full experience and throws Riley onto his back to stuff his hole even deeper. Riley grabs the sheets in ecstasy as Max works up a sweat filling up Riley's stretched-out ass. Feeling Max's giant dick ramming his insides is what tips Riley over the edge and he blasts a load up over his head and onto his own face and chest. When Max sees Riley's massive release, he pulls out and feeds Riley his cum by blasting into his mouth.

Watch me fuck your guy

Two gay guys are having relationship problems and haven't been sleeping together for a while. They go to see black gay therapist, Champ, who offers to fuck the bottom in front of his boyfriend. It's an opportunity to spice things up a bit, and also to show the top dude how it's sometimes necessary to fuck his lover hard to make him a satisfied bottom. Champ is used to making bottoms orgasm from the ass, and with his big cock he'll gently take charge of the bottom while his boyfriend takes notes! Seeing how the bottom moans and gives himself away, Champ delivers a real masterclass. Provocative, he's going to drop big loads of cum into the ass of this guy in a couple... who risks breaking up to become completely his own.

Two over-excited buddies do the gogo dancer
Two over-excited buddies do the gogo dancer

Apolo Adri & Santi Noguera find themselves at the Berlin Dark where Rudy Fasso, gogo dancer of a night, is going to tease them. Neither one, nor two, Apolo and Santi find themselves naked all excited for a good bareback fuck with the beautiful Rudy. Here is a gogo which does not make only light the dancefloor!

A perfect black boy's ass
A perfect black boy's ass

Tyson is sightseeing in Berlin. But the cool guy sitting in front of the memorial is much more interesting than the tourist attractions. The two quickly chat each other up and get down to business in an old ruin. Not only does Ken have broad shoulders, there’s also something hefty going on in his pants. He fucks Tyson’s mouth deeply and fully with his big club, then he leans Tyson up against a wall and shoves his cock between his plump ass cheeks. TYSON TYLER AND KEN