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Honey, make me cum before I go to work
Honey, make me cum before I go to work

Cali, a handsome black daddy in a relationship, wakes up and feels that before going to work he needs to cum. That's what his boyfriend is here for. Cali didn't get into this relationship for nothing: he's got big needs and he's found the perfect companion. A gentle, bottom guy who always relents when Cali presents him with his huge cock. He satisfies his male, sucks him off and lets him have a good time in his ass and spit his cum. Cali is drained and can start the day well.

Watch Me Take His Cum

Macho B Grant discovers gay candaulism as his guy invites another guy to fuck him in front of his lover. Macho B Grant just has to watch... And his boyfriend reveals the surprising face of a completely cock-hungry, vulgar guy who'll do anything to get fucked hard by a dominant stranger. A sultry situation, very sexual and hot.

Jason PARIS casted by kevin DAVID

And here is a new scene casting as we love them! We welcome a new one, the sexy Jason. This buggy is rather passive and he makes his first porn with Crunchboy with the pornstar Kevin DAVID ! And yes only that ! ! ! You will love to share with him this great moment of intense sex ! !

DeAngelo Jackson : magnificent alpha black stud jerks off
DeAngelo Jackson : magnificent alpha black stud jerks off

He's gorgeous and he knows it: DeAngelo Jackson is a pure black alpha stud with a sublime face and a godlike body. His dick lives up to the hype. Here he is solo. Obviously there was a photo shoot beforehand, so it was important to keep a record of this moment with such a splendid guy. Then DeAngelo quietly started jerking off his incredible cock. We could watch him suck for hours. Spoiler: he's a good cummer too.


Counselor Champ makes house calls and he's the best. Watch him solve Sean's problems with some big dick and hot cum his boyfriend isn't giving him.

Gobble down all of my meat!

And there are 2 throat that come to mind forsuremax and Keiran! I love watching the both of them try to gobble down all of my meat!

Satisfied or welcome to fuck

Micah, a handsome black man on vacation, is disappointed with the bed and breakfast where he's staying. The manager senses his anger and is ready to give of his body to show him a good time. Micah is surprised when the manager offers to take care of his dick, but he's not one to turn down a blowjob. He quickly senses that the manager is cock thirsty. He's got a sexy jockstrap that makes you want to fuck him. Which is exactly what Micah's going to do...

Unleashed cock

Jay Landford and Kurtis Wolfe make out in their jock straps until Kurtis drops to his knees to service Jay's massive uncut cock. Kurtis knows what he's doing when it comes to sucking cock and when he senses that Jay is ready to fuck him, he bends over to offer up his willing, hairy ass. Jay takes his time and licks Kurtis' hole, going deep with his fingers and tongue until Kurtis can no longer take the anticipation of having his ass crammed with unleashed and unsheathed cock. Jay gives Kurtis exactly what he wants when he shoves his monster cock all the way into the stud's fuzzy ass. Kurtis loves the pounding and grunts with each thrust from Jay as he goes balls deep into Kurtis. Jay wants to see Kurtis' face as he destroys his hole and has him lie on his back. Kurtis' ass is stretched to the limit as Jay re-enters the stud's backside to continue his reaming. Kurtis' hole feels amazing and Jay can no longer hold off the inevitable. He pulls out of Kurtis and blasts his load all over the muscle stud's asshole. When every last drop is squeezed from his dick, Jay shoves it back inside Kurtis to fuck the cum as deep inside of him as it will go. All that cum pumped into his ass makes Kurtis ready to shoot his own load and he stands over Jay to blast his beard with jizz. After admiring his work, Kurtis bends down and the studs kiss the cum away.

Never too late for dick
Never too late for dick

Daniel Thompson is doing some moving for a friend and is supposed to have some help from Bradley Benz but Bradley is so late. He offers to make it up to Daniel with some hot sex. Daniel eats out Bradley's ass then gives him a good deep fucking. Bradley gives that ass up and loves Daniel's massive dick. Bradley jacks off and busts a nut in Daniel's mouth and Daniel jacks off and busts a nut on Bradley's chest. Daniel decides to forgive Bradley after getting a good nut thanks to his nice ass.

Big black raw cock for greedy white boy

Champ finds Danny Blue on the back patio looking for a hook up. When they run unto each other upstairs, Champ fucks Danny's nice wet hole until he drops a huge load inside of him.

Hooded black military stud facefucks Cocksucker in parking lot
Hooded black military stud facefucks Cocksucker in parking lot

Cocksucker meets up with a hung black military stud on leave in a parking lot. The dominant soldier plans to make the most of his free days by getting his massive cock worshipped by a pro. Hooded and in control, he speaks only to issue commands or praise a job well done. The alpha military hunk finds his perfect match in Cocksucker, a skilled oral servant who knows his place and instantly submits to the superior cock. Kneeling in adoration, Cocksucker worships the thick, perfectly shaped shaft, gobbling it down and drooling with hunger. He surrenders to the powerful hands guiding his head, accepting a rough, sloppy facefuck from the dominant black stud. The session ends with Cocksucker's face drenched in the potent seed of the black breeder.

Darling, watch how you should fuck me

Alessio Vega is happily married to his man Kidd, but Kidd isn't fucking him as hard as he'd like. So he invites his favorite booty call, Champ, to show him what he wants. It's a risky operation, but Alessio wants to save his couple's sexuality and assume the insatiable liability that he is. He doesn't want to be made love to. In bed, he wants to be pined hard, dominated, fucked. Champ treats him like a ball-buster in front of his buddies, who are at first disturbed to see their man behaving like a juice-hole, then let themselves be turned on. Alessio also loves being fucked in front of his boyfriend like this...