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Muscled black thug for needy white boy - 1st part
Muscled black thug for needy white boy - 1st part

Riccardo XXL and Alex Brand are in place for an interracial booty call as you like. In this first part of the video the African fucker gives his big black cock to the white boy. Alex Brand sucks the big African cock showing his submission to the powerful black man. He takes his cock deep in his throat and licks the well filled balls of this beautiful African man, muscular and very virile. Well heated and amazed by the power of the black guy, Alex Brand will sit on his big black cock in the second part of the video. Stay tuned...

When he's super handsome and you want his cum

A gay bottom meets a magnificent Brazilian top. He gets on his knees straight away and decides to devote himself totally to the cock of this playboy, dreaming of having his cum in the ass. Some guys have this effect on you : they are so beautiful to look at that you want to suck them for hours and you can't refuse them anything. For the bottom, it has never been so natural to be fucked raw. He is obsessed with the idea of having his ass filled by this stallion and having his seed inside him. The very manly muscular fucker will breed him with pleasure.

Maxence ANGEL fucked by the Latino MAXX KARIOCA

It's been 1 month since our frenchy fucker is on vacation in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Today he presents us the sexy MAXX KARIOCA, a beautiful active latino with a 21 cm cock. Maxence brings him back to his hotel to simply get fucked by the bogus. Good ass eating then good sodo without a condom with a nice mouth cumshot. We like it.

The black colossus and his slaves

This beautiful black hunk receives in his warehouse 2 white gay to play with them : big blowjobs, ass-fucking on all fours or on a sling. A hard gay threesome. One of the two guests quickly stands out, a very pretty bottom who is not afraid and who will give his mouth and his ass without limit. He's going to get dirty.

Latino boy for Black giant stud

A cute Latino boy wanted something big to play with. He got exactly that: a tall, muscular Black stallion, expert at using his massive dick and satisfying bottom boys. He cannot believe his eyes. The giant top could lift him up with one arm. There is no turning back now, the boy's ass is gonna get seriously fucked!

Never too late to be a sub

A mature butch tattooed male has spent most of his life pretending he was straight. Now divorced with kids, he finally fully enjoys the pleasure of being single. Exploring his kinkiest fantasises, he is meeting up with a muscular black hung stud, hoping to be used like a little sub. The stud is equipped with a 11inch dick and he means business!

KALIL's hole fucked hard by black ttbm Jay CARTER

After having impregnated Douglas Smith, we propose to our black TTBM to give his 24 cm to our sexy arab boy KALIL who is rarely passive ! ! Expect to see a good little pussy of rebeu very enlarged before a good dosage

African skills
African skills

Philipp Wants gets fucked like never before! The powerful African fucker Oumaru is in the place and his fucking skills are legendary. After having mouthfucker the throat of his little gazelle, the powerful black puma fucks Philipp Wants' ass in hard strokes with his huge african dick. He takes his cock out completely and then puts it in the bottom of Philipp's hole, making the passive dude vibrate and tremble. This drives Philipp Wants completely crazy, tottally addicted to cock and fully open, but despite miles of large diameter dildos he had already taken, he has a hard time taking these powerful strokes from the big African cock. No place to escape, he must take it!

Ride With Me
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This Brazilian metisse dude would like to get a good pussy but it's not easy to find one. Fortunately, his young, submissive gay friend is always there when he needs to cum. Once again, the obedient mate barges into the bedroom and gives everything he's got to make the meat hard. Great cocksucker, hot and open ass: he takes it all in and loves it. And he also takes all the cum in his mouth. A true gem.

3 dom tops, 1 gay sub, 1 sling

This gay sub had a dream : being dominated by many guys on a sling. He finally realizes it and finds himself surrounded by 3 dom tops who are going to put him on a sling to fuck him hard and raw. Two black stallions, a hot daddy, the sling that is here to help to have the right position to get fucked and to used deep: it's going to be a really hard night ! The sub kneels down at first to suck and take the cocks in his mouth. An appetizer before being pounded, serving as a release for this trio of masters who will turn him as their new cum dump.

Beautiful Black Master

A lucky cock-sucker in need of meat found an absolute beauty of a black master in a sex-club. Not only the dude is hot as fuck but he's packing a massive 9 inch thick dick! It feels good in his mouth and down his throat but wait until he gets it buried deep into his ass!!!