Chris Harder's sexual desire

Time: 27 min

Chris Harder's sexual desire rages on as he wanders the muggy halls of the Labyrinth. A massive physique appears in the distance, silhouetted by a red glow. Chris approaches as Michael Thomas steps into the light, a mountain of stacked muscle without a hair on his body. They connect with their mouths, then Chris kneels to suck Michael's long, curved cock. Michael's hand on the back of Chris' head ensures deep swallowing. Michael opens the zippered back seam of Chris' shorts, to finger his ass. His fingers go in Chris' mouth, then his tongue in Chris' hole. Chris has a bare, hairless back that contrasts with his furry chest and abs and heavily inked arms. He strokes his dick while getting rimmed, then bends over low and spreads his butt cheeks to be fucked. Doggie position lets Michael ram hard and Chris slam back with equal intensity, demanding to be fucked deeper. Chris flips onto his back as sweat drips from Michael's brow and torso. Michael add his cum to his sweat as Chris shoots his own thick load.

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