Black & White mega love

Time: 21 min

Muscle hunk Dirk and balck stud JP are just getting to work. It’s a glorious day and they are working on a garden. They reach the house and the sexy owner shows them around, they get to work, topless of course! The sexy homeowner needs to go out to buy more stuff needed for the works. They take full advantage of the empty house and take a break under the gazebo. A break that soon develops in mutual pecs feeling, then moves onto nipple squeezing and finally degenerates into cock grabbing. Once the cocks are out and in each other’s hand, JP works his way down from Dirks mouth, armpit, nipple, abs and finally arrives to his hard cock. He sucks and licks it while dirk plays with JP‘s hole. Then he pulls him up; they stand up and Dirk kneels down to suck on JP’s dark and beautiful cock. After a really deep and intense cock and balls workout JP pulls Dirk up and as the guy is out, they move to the living room. Dirk bends over the edge of the sofa and presents his ass to JP. He licks the hole, moves down to the cock, back to the hole until it’s ready to take his cock. Jp fucks him from the back, then Dirk turns him around on his back and fucks him deep until JP shoots his load over his belly. Dirk adds a second load before jumping off the couch and get back to work before the owner gets back and catches them covered in cum instead of sweat!

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