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This gay thug has a very long cock that has magical powers: despite its long size, it slides perfectly into every hole and makes you cum to the max. There are glans like this that naturally wet and easily go everywhere. His cock is a delicious lollipop and when it sinks into your ass it's a pure delight, you want to take every inch. An excellent fucker.

You are my king, I am all yours

This sexy black guy is obsessed with his bisexual Brazilian buddy. He'll do anything to have sex with him, and when he does, he treats him like a king and gives himself to him 200%. He massages him, throws himself at his feet, worships his cock with perfect deep-throat blowjobs and lets him pound his ass for hours. Nothing makes him more satisfied than to feel that thanks to him his buddy is releasing his cum. And when he gets all that hot cum on his face, it's heaven.

Kalys' big cock is a real delight
Kalys' big cock is a real delight

Kalys invites sexy, bearded David Vincent to his place for a direct booty call. Both guys are loaded with testosterone, their balls are full of cum and both need a hot fuck session. David takes Kalys's gigantic cock in his mouth, sucks it like a delicacy, licks the glans and makes his black budd go wild. The handsome black man, muscular and virile, isn't going to be satisfied with just pumping his big cock. He wants to fuck David's magnificent ass, because that muscular buttocks drives him absolutely crazy. David gives himself over to this ferocious fucker, who knows the art of fucking to perfection.

Non-stop gay sex during holidays

Vacations are for relaxing. So I spent my vacation fucking lots of guys. Here's the video of my trip to the land of big dicks. I came non stop. I hit the road and made friends with a guy, we jerked off in his car and I fucked him. I also made friends with whom I had a threesome... Every day a new cock and as many possibilities. Bjs, anal sex, top or bottom : it was intense and I came home drained!

Pounded by a super hot gay daddy

Gay seller Daymin Voss is running a booth at the show when Tristan Jaxx shows up just as Daymin's stand is closing for the day. Tristan is looking to buy something for self-defense but doesn't know much about owning a piece. Daymin shows him how to hold it and when Tristan is holding the weapon up, Daymin comes up behind him. The touch of Daymin's big manly hand on his side makes Tristan get a stir in his pants and the two studs start to make out. Daymin gets the stranger out of his shirt before peeling off his own. The scent of Daymin's manhood is almost more than Tristan can handle and he goes in to worship Daymin's ripe sweaty pits. The session drives Tristan wild and he gets on his knees to take Daymin's big cock in his mouth. Daymin loves dick and can't wait to taste what Tristan has pressing against the fabric of his pants. Daymin removes Tristan's pants and gets dirty by sucking his cock. Daymin loves every inch of it in his mouth and tells his new friend that he's going to open his ass for him. Tristan is more than willing to honor the request and bends Daymin over the table to eat him out. Tristan takes his time with the fresh meat and gets as far inside Daymin's butt as he can get with his fingers and tongue. When Tristan is convinced that Daymin is good and opened up, he stands and slips his hard cock deep inside. He gives Daymin a pounding that the stud won't soon forget and stretches him even further with each thrust. Daymin begs for Tristan to go deeper and grunts harder the further in Tristan gets. Tristan's pelvis slaps against Daymin's bubble butt as skin hits skin. The two studs switch it up more than once and finally settle with the vendor on his back getting plowed. Tristan increases his intensity to get himself closer and plugs away as Daymin begs for him not to stop. Daymin yells out: 'Dude, you're so fucking deep!' as his cock explodes and varnishes his hairy body with a thick layer of cum. Tristan is happy to have given so much pleasure and pulls his cock out of Daymin's tight hole to blast his own load of cream. It's a real gusher, and it covers Daymin's bush and stomach with a seemingly never-ending barrage of squirts. Daymin can't believe his eyes and feels lucky to be covered in so much jizz!

The cock of the giant top

Super tall, sporty, macho: when this giant gay Latino top enters a room you can't help but notice him and feel his alpha aura. A guy gives himself to him directly. To be on your knees in front of him and suck his cock makes you feel tiny. And when he grabs his bottom to pound him, the guy feels lifted off like he has a rocket in his ass. A super male who knows how to fuck, slow and deep.

Cocksucker in the car

This dom guy offered me a ride in his car and to give him a blow job while he drove. I was between his thighs and applied myself. I worshipped him well, it was so hot to feel diminished and used like that. I was a real dick pump.

He dominates a gay guy for the first time

This bi guy fucks me often but not always as hard as I would like. I got him to test domination on me, as a good obedient gay guy that I am. I turned him on by coming in with a slave collar and got down on my knees worshipping his cock and looking him straight in the eye. He gradually felt the need to pound my ass. Gradually he became more gruff and macho, started to fuck my ass super hard and even ended up breeding me.


These two gorgeous black gay guys are in a relationship and they explore all the delights of sex together. The top one is a wonderful lover who makes his partner's whole body cum. He is sensual, naughty, caring, he knows how to play with his hands, his tongue and his big cock. Sucked cock, licked and worked ass before hort anal sex : a masterclass of passionate and orgasmic sex.

Both of you fuck me and it will be fine

A couple of handsome black gay men in crisis go to see a counselor. The counselor offers them a surprising solution to reconcile: have a threesome with him. Clearly, the counselor is enjoying himself while working, happy to suck the couple's big dicks. At first dubitative, the two men will start to get hard and take a lot of pleasure in this unbridled and enjoyable sexual act.

Tricky Love 3
Come quick and cum

This handsome black guy is talking to a guy on the phone and the conversation gets super hot. He asks the guy to come and fuck him, he's too horny. The guy shows up and they don't waste any time: a good direct and juicy fuck. Very hard in the mouth and in the ass and a lot of cum coming.